Flex About Us

We are Diatomaceous Earth Canada, providing Canadians with the best quality Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth available in North America. We pride ourselves on our remarkably pure DE along with compostable/biodegradable packaging materials. An amazing natural product with plastic free packaging, perfect for both people and the environment. We're an online based business with a warehouse in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Ontario and most of our products is shipped by our distribution partners throughout Canada.

Diatomaceous Earth with lowest crystalline silica content.We have carefully sourced our Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth for the lowest level of crystalline silica, because we understand this is a point of interest for optimal health in all uses. Our DE has less than 0.1% (<0.1%) crystalline silica in any given sample, which is the lowest possible in any Food Grade DE. The composition of our DE is 91.1% amorphous silica, which is the essential ingredient in the composition of the diatom shells and remains,the remaining ≤8.9% being trace minerals found in the natural environment from the South-Western United States, where the ancient freshwater lake-beds are located. Our Diatomaceous Earth is all acquired from freshwater sources, and it is refined as a raw material (not heat or pressure treated). The DE you are receiving from us, is non-toxic and Pure Food Grade. Please recognize that there is a significant difference between food grade and non-food grade (which is toxic because it contains very high levels of crystalline silica).

We believe in the positive effects that Diatomaceous Earth can bring to every home. By using DE, you are helping to reduce the environmental footprint left by many products that are made from chemicals and other toxins. By using Food Grade DE instead of the chemical alternatives, you are helping to contribute to a greener future in the world and our country.

All of our products are packaged in Canada, and shipped within Canada. All of our suppliers are Canadian and we're trying to minimize our environmental footprint as much as possible. We have valuable customer support paired with a natural and non-toxic product, making Pure Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth easily accessible and packaged appropriately for your convenience.

Please feel free to Contact Us if you have any further comments or questions.