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You may use our Referral Program to direct friends, family, or anyone you can direct using your special tracked referral link. For every person you refer to our website who purchases, you will be rewarded with a 15% commission for each order placed, which we payout to your PayPal account.

We are also very interested in partnering with those who have a nice and reputable website, your referral link can be added to any website to refer customers as well. There are many great ways to share the amazing facts about Diatomaceous Earth...

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Referral Program - Terms of Service

You are welcome to share your link with as many people as possible, but remember that we ONLY SHIP WITHIN CANADA. Please note that customers from USA or Europe will not be able to complete a purchase at the checkout.

Warning: If a participant in the referral program is caught spamming, or providing incorrect or inaccurate information about our company or product, they will immediately be removed from the program without payout. Please be respectful in your advertising.