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Welcome to the Diatomaceous Earth Canada Retailer and Wholesale Program.

You've landed on a legacy page which is no longer needed. As of mid 2019 we're revamping our retailer order system and we've chosen a soft roll-out starting with new retailers and new orders. The new system is account based and will cut out a lot of unnecessary and inconvenient steps. Retailers will be able to place orders immediately and directly through our website with full view of all details.

If you've previously ordered Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth from us please help us to transition to the new system. Here's what we'll need to get the ball rolling

  • follow the link Forgot your password at the bottom of the next page
  • we'll check your details and send you an email to reset your password within 24 hours. We might ask for additional details like website address as we're also working on a store locator and a few other things
  • after resetting your password, you can login to your retailer account with applicable shipping and product discount to place your order

We kindly ask for your patience while we fine tune the system and iron out any unwanted wrinkles. We apologize for any inconvenience and glitches you might experience in the meantime. Please send us an email to for any questions or feedback. We really appreciate your feedback on what is and isn't working!

Note that the your company name and shipping details will also be added to our Store Locator. Please send us an email if you wish to be added to the store locator.


If you do not already have a Wholesale Account with us, then please fill out the Application Form on the page for Wholesale Inquiries. We'll be happy to supply your Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth needs!