Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth 5 kg (11 pounds)


This box is a sturdy recycled corrugated cardboard box with a poly liner. We will ship this box without further packaging to reduce waste and costs and get these parcels out the door as easily and fast as we can.

This box contains 5 kg (11 lbs) of our Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth. Our DE is pure, natural, without additives and chemically unmodified. We carefully sourced this product with an amorphous silica content of 91.1%. Our DE is safe for all uses, including human and animal consumption.

Ingredients: 100% Diatomaceous Earth

Box dimensions - 12x10x10" lined with a poly bag.

Diatomaceous Earth is 'fossilized' diatoms, meaning that it has NO EXPIRY.

We try to ship these parcels 24-48 hours after the order was received. We appreciate your patience with the courier companies...

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