Shipping Details

We ship our packages direct to end-user in both 400g and 1kg, Canada-wide (no international shipping). Any customer is welcome to purchase multiple units of any size, however this might impact how we can best ship your order to you. We ship and fulfill orders, and we also outsource to send orders from distribution warehouses that might already stock our product.

Our aim is that your product arrive safely and as quickly as possible, according to your selected shipping service. There is always the potential for mistakes, or exceptions along the way, if there is a problem with an order, please send us the order details and we will investigate for you.

Shipping Service Options

Economy Shipping - $7.99    (in transit for 3-8 business days)

This is our slowest and most economical option. Typically you will receive your shipping confirmation email with tracking about 2-3 days after ordering, when selecting this shipping option.

Express Shipping - $10.99    (in transit for 2-5 business days)

Selecting this options means you'll have a tracking reference by email within 1-2 business days maximum. Typically orders will ship next day, and the speed is same as 'expedited' from Canada Post (for example).

Priority Shipping - $14.99     (in transit for 1-2 business days)

When you select this shipping option, we ensure that your order is sent as fast as possible, using the absolute fastest option to get the package to your door. Sometime (but not always) orders can even arrive on Saturdays with this service. In the cases of orders with multiple units, this shipping service might not always be available.

Exceptions and Rural Addresses

At times your order won't be able to ship priority or express, for some addresses only the economy shipping option is available. Typically this applies to rural and remote residential addresses.

There is often also exceptions where your order may ship in separate pieces instead of together. In this case, allow 1-2 extra business days for the full order to arrive before contacting us for support.