Absorbent & Deodourizer


Food Grade Diatomaceous earth has many exceptional uses, especially for being a completely natural sediment, unaltered by heat or pressure treatments. We do advise caution to not inhale the dust excessively, as it can cause acute irritation (similar to chalk dust or other fine powders that can be inhaled through the air).

Under a microscope, Diatomaceous Earth has a unique hexagonal structure which makes it highly porous. This means that it has the ability to adhere to oils and other fluids or surfaces, which makes it an excellent aid for cleaning up spills in the garage, or helping keep moisture down in barn stalls, cat litter, or other applications where moisture and odours needs to be controlled (indoor or outdoor uses).

Because of it's absorbent nature, DE also helps to prevent the growth of unwanted organisms like mold and mildew. When DE is placed in the environment, it removes moisture immediately, making it almost impossible for microbes and mold to survive. Our DE has a water absorption ability of 160% and an oil absorption ability of 120%. For example, this means that 1 kg of DE can absorb 1.6 kg of water, or 1 kg can absorb 1.2 kg of oil.