Food Grade DE - Wholesale offerings


At Diatomaceous Earth Canada, we want to reach Canadians from Coast to Coast with our excellent products... We are offering our Food Grade DE at wholesale prices to Canadian Retailers, and also welcoming local clinicians or other independent businesses.

You may purchase DE at Wholesale Prices immediately, even if you don't have a retail location. However, for Canadian retailers, we are offering a Store Locator to direct members of your community to your local outlet. If you are a Canadian Retailer, and you have purchased our product, please apply to be added to our Store Locator.

Each Wholesale Case you receive from us will have informational flyers included. These flyers are very helpful for communicating all the amazing benefits of Food Grade DE to your customers and clients alike. Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is quite an exceptional product that belongs in your store...

We know your customers will thank you!